Reviews of Our Ultrasound Clinic

Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers

“They were absolutely amazing!  Knew just what to do to get him to wake up and turn over!  I have pictures that will last a lifetime and are amazing!” 

Katelyn B. 5/16/15

“I went for my 15- week gender reveal ultrasound.  Amazing experience!  Loved the fact that I could have family and friends watch the reveal.  Right off the bat she pointed out the gender.  Very friendly!  She even explained to us all the different parts we were seeing and what pictures she was taking.  Well worth the money!  Thanks, again!  And we loved the DVD keepsake so much we went home and watched it again!” 

Jessica W. 2/4/15

“We went here with our first son who is eight years old now and JUST had a 3D/4D sonogram with our second at 29 weeks.  Great experience!  Even when my baby girl didn’t want to cooperate they were very patient and we got some great images!” 

Darla L. 1/2/15

“The miracle of life is so amazing!  It was a memory I will carry with me forever.  There was joy beyond words and tears of happiness knowing we were meeting our great-grandson on tv (before birth).  He winked, smiled, and even stuck his tongue out like he was playing with us.  Being with the family—what a big difference all of us being allowed to go in to sit and watch together makes.” 

Patricia D. 11/17/14

“I went with my daughter and had to make sure I came back with my second.  The lady who works here is so friendly and caring!  It’s so great to see the passion others have when doing their job.” 

Amanda L. 9/9/14

“Wonderful place.  I would recommend it to everyone!”                                                                                                                                  

Erjona B. 8/3/14

“Friendly staff and a must-do for first time parents!”                                                                                                                                   


Adam B. 6/30/14

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